Cooties, Pagerank, Subscribers and All That

I woke up this morning to find I am down 200 subscribers and have lost 2 points of pagerank. I’m not really bummed about the page rank, but I wonder what happened to make me lose 200 subs in a few days?

I think I have cooties. 🙁 Maybe I should do my own Problogger contest to drive traffic…
I did have some great fun meeting such cool people and I can’t wait to give my talk this afternoon on Utilizing Social Media to Drive Traffic To Your Blog. They’re taping it so if it doesn’t suck, I’ll post a link.

7 Replies to “Cooties, Pagerank, Subscribers and All That”

  1. Same here, only I wasn’t selling. I just had a link to “Sponsor a Post” where I gave guest bloggers the opportunity to guest post for free (with editorial moderation, of course).

    I suspect Google saw that and dropped my PR from 4 to 3, not that it really matters.


  2. Backlink based PageRank no longer makes technical sense these days because the Internet has become so commercialized. People are just buying links left, right and centre.

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