BlogWorld Expo Highlights

I just got back from BlogWorld Expo and am still decompressing. I’m not going to try to list everyone here, but suffice it to say I met loads of cool people, Liz being my usual partner in crime, as always, Wendy and Christina joining in when possible.

I was planning on vandalizing the BlogCatalog booth, but instead I just waited until they left and made myself at home in their booth. I went and talked to them as we were leaving the show one night and they were really cool. I really was overwhelmed at how really nice they were. Here’s the picture of my misdeed. When I told them about it they thought it was hilarious. I love people with a good sense of humor!

Community Manager For MyBlogLog Hangs Out At BlogCatalog Booth

I got to meet some heros of mine, including Matt Mullenweg, Jeremy Pepper and more. Coolest was that I got to give the Weblog Award to Leo Laporte for best podcast (thanks Kevin!). While on stage he actually said, “Oh, I didn’t realize you were with MyBlogLog. I’m a big fan of MyBlogLog”. I think I should have stopped the show there and got him to say that in the mic. 😉

Leo Laporte, Robyn Tippins

Tris was nice enough to introduce me to Leo before the ceremony. He seems like such a cool guy. Leo, I mean. I already knew Tris was the coolest person evah.

Anyhoo, I’m back in the saddle again and I can’t wait to get back to work. Yeah, I’m serious, but then I’m really, really weird.

All Photos By Tris Hussey

23 Replies to “BlogWorld Expo Highlights”

  1. Yeah, Robyn!
    I’m thinking these blogging conventions need partners in crime to keep them on their toes. It was fabo to be with you and Wendy and Christina.

    You are a generous one and I’ll be your partner in crime any day. 🙂

  2. Definitely agree that getting to meet some people you’d only previously “known” online was a big plus of the whole event. I met you for all of about three seconds at BlogWorld, but was glad I had a chance to put a face to the name.

    My husband went to your session Friday and enjoyed it.

  3. I was one of those folks that got to chat with you for a few moments, and I appreciated your thoughts on using social networking for my lupus site. It was great to meet you. You have a new fan.

  4. It was nice meeting you at BlogWorld Expo. There is a lot of information to digest after a conference. Now all I need is more hours in the day!

  5. @Myers – A fan, a real one? I love it! Don’t forget to check out I’m working on an interview with them right now. Will post later this week. Very cool for your subject material.

    @Vinny – Lemme know if you need a hand with anything. I added you back on Digg.

    @Rachel Luxemberg – I agree, that was the coolest part (is always the coolest part at every conference). Added you on Facebook.

    @Karen – Wish you could have been there. Maybe when you and I rolling in the dough one day, I can fly you out as a biz expense 😛

    @Liz – You can be my PIC anytime. Am glad to be home, but already missing you guys.

  6. Robyn,

    I really enjoyed meeting you. You walk the talk.

    Everything I have read about you and what you say online about community shines through in your warm, kind and fun personality.

    I’m looking forward to our next meeting, especially now that I see your photo in the BC booth 😉


  7. Damn, I am so jealous of all of you being able to attend the event.

    I am working in Europe so couldn’t get there.

    I hope I can get there for a future event soon.

  8. Great meeting you at BlogWorld – you are so interesting, engaging and delightful! Just wrote a post about Leo’s presentation and dedicated it to you. Thanks again for your enthusiasm – he’s a wonderful speaker. See you around the blogosphere!

  9. Barbara,

    Thanks so much for the compliment. That was a really, really great post. I didn’t get to see Leo’s keynote but I feel like I was there. I love liveblogging when it’s done well. Cheers and was great hanging around with you too!

  10. Great to meet you Robyn. Yahoo/MBL are (is?) fortunate indeed to have such a wonderfully knowledgeable and enthusiastic ambassador/community manager. And I’m now a big fan of Leo Laporte – his keynote was a highlight for me.

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