Google Sucks

Well, not really LOL, but I’m trying to see if I can rank for that. I love the fact that I am #4 (page one no doubt) for the term “Google enemies” for the post I wrote this week, “Google Makes More Enemies“. I am enemy #4 😉

I’m not really an enemy as I am a big Google user (gmail, calendar, adsense, adwords, etc.) but I do chafe under the search blanket at times. Regardless, I love to rank for funny terms. I am also page one for “Elvis has left the building”. I think that was for the post when Eric left MyBlogLog, but either way, as a major Elvis fan, that’s really, really cool!

2 Replies to “Google Sucks”

  1. And now they suck more. They’ve taken away the option for non blogger blogs to post links in the comments section. Uncovered by Suburban Oblivion from what I can tell. I’m growing more disenchanted with Google all the time.

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