Marc Orchant Had A Massive Heartattack

This morning the blogosphere was shocked to learn that popular blogger Marc Orchant had suffered a massive heartattack on Sunday.

According to Sue Orchant, Marc was up early Sunday morning as is his normal custom. Sue told me that he was working in his office from about 7:30 AM until 8:10 when Sue says she heard a strange noise in Marc’s office. When she went to investigate she saw that Marc was not sitting in front of the computer like he normally does and was slumped over between his desk and a small couch that is in the room.

Initially, Sue said, she though he was leaning over doing something to their Golder Retriever but then she realized that he was not conscious. Fortunately, Sue has basic medical knowledge and after verifying that Marc was not choking and had a clear airway she began to perform CPR while their son, Jason, called paramedics.

Many of my friends have been silent on Twitter today because their world has been rocked by this news. My heart goes out to the Orchant family as they go through the hardest time in their lives. This makes me scared, as Marc was a young guy (40s?) and it’s just another reminder at how we shouldn’t take any days for granted. Please keep the family and Marc in your prayers. We are all hoping he has a speedy recovery.

I can’t wait til’ he’s back to normal so he can see the outflowing of love and support he has received in his time of need. I think it will warm his heart. Keep watching Oliver at Blognation for updates. His post also has the address to send any flowers. Don’t forget Marc as you go about your writing today.

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