eComm 2008 Conference

I noticed that eComm 2008 is coming up, 3/12-14.

Take a look at what Martin Gedd, on the advisory board, said on his blog:

* The people. There are very few places that the bellheads and netheads get to meet each other, apart from to trade insults. This is a constructive engagement and learning opportunity.
* The focus. Personal communications is where the money has always been. Telcos have been in the social networking business for over a hundred years, even if they don’t seem to know it. Web 2.0, welcome to the party. Content, please stand at the back of the queue and wait until called.
* The talks. Lots of cutting-edge ideas, in rapid fire, without long droning dull sponsor talks.
* The opportunity. Both the telecoms and IT/Web industries are in collision, but are also coming to slowly recognise the value of what the other side does. Without apps your network distribution is worthless; but without distribution, your app has nowhere to go. Every time one side tries to do the other, the outcome is a lot of pain. Or, to put it another way, the phone company still has your money, and the Web people have the ideas, so let’s trade.

The speakers list looks great. Twitter, Skype, Intel, IBM and others… Since it’s here in San Francisco I’m going to do my best to make an appearance.

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