Mojave Experiment – Vista Revisited

I hate Vista. Seriously. After hours of trying to get the damn thing to install on more than 3 PCs, running the beta for 6 months and then running the OS from Jan 07 to May 07, I hate this OS. Leopard had me at hello, but Vista pissed me off within hours… If you are a regular reader, you know that I have a few posts on Vista here already (all of which bring me serious search traffic, so I can’t be alone in my hatred):

But, after seeing the viral Mojave Experiment (thanks Justin), I’m tempted to give Microsoft another chance. Does that sound crazy coming from a Yahoo! employee? 😉

More on Mojave Experiment at TechMeme.

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  1. Frankly, it does sound crazy. I think that it is interesting that none of the respondents used Vista going into this and that they simply had pre-conceived notions of what Vista did (

    Second, the hardware that they have this on was pretty nice and not the run of the mill, $500 Frys laptop. Nothing talks about how the OS was configured on the machine for sexiness for this campaign.

    I’m afraid that the average user will still have the same issues that you’ve experienced.

  2. LOL !!!!!!!!!!! MOJAVE EXP. REVISITED
    WHY would you revisit it if you EVER used it VISTA OUT RIGHT SUX!!!!!!!!
    I logged on to Mojave Exp. Rvstd. and was not even able to view it on my NEW HP w/ VISTA 64 bit system , Microsoft does not support silverlight 2 on a 64 bit system, neither does adobe Flashplayer work w/ 64 bit system, matter of fact VISTA doesn’t work too well on its on system either. I have found many time that mysteriously many of my programs have been reset to DEFAULT settings after putting the system into SLEEP MODE. MY 6 yr old system (running XP Pro 32 bit)was faster and more stable I very rarely had a problem w/ it until it was struck by lightning, oh those were the days of a GREAT PLATFORM.

  3. I agree with Royce, Vista SUX ASS! I cant even think of the 1st thing to complain about it, theres just to many! It literally sux! Half the security software suites dont even work properly an in my opinion and experiance, Norton sux too an no i dont use it. It just seems to me that when Vista 1st came out noone was ready! Way too many compatability issues for my liking. Im still runnin xp pro on my Alienware gaming desktop pc an i just upgraded to service pack 3 and its way way better than Vista, if i’d a known about all the BS issues i’d a never gotten this crap os, dump vista!!

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