How do you get your advertising noticed?

That’s especially difficult when using traditional media, like billboards. Rather than resort to sex-shock jokes or lots of skin, the cigarette company, Parisienne got a nice amount of coverage from this clever idea. From AdAge:

British American Tobacco was repackaging its Parisienne brand in Switzerland with new colors and new designs to represent the different flavors available. Media’s task was to ensure that the message was communicated as fast as possible.

Out-of-home media responded to the challenge. First, a substantial national outdoor campaign ran with images of the existing packaging. After three days, once consumers had had a chance to absorb the creative, the posters were changed. Eighty percent of the 500 sites were changed in the normal way — with paper and paste — but the remaining sites were used to turn the re-branding into an event.

Promo teams were sent out to re-color the remaining 20% of the Parisienne sites to create a handmade effect. Along with the re-coloring, the new executions also used the tagline “Newly painted, coming soon.”

Naturally, the impact was rapid, encouraging people to look at the posters, and Parisienne got a lot of PR from the painting activity.

Sometimes it just takes a little imagination…

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