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Some monetization methods that bloggers use. Please let me know if this list needs updating.


How to earn money through affiliate marketing.

After a wildly popular post in which I shared Why Some People Are Choosing Affiliate Advertising Over Contextual Advertising, I promised more posts on this topic. In a series of three posts, I tried to go through the basics of affiliate marketing. I’m placing this on a seperate page because it was so popular.

Affiliate Advertising – Publisher Sites: This post covers getting involved in affiliate marketing. You’ll learn the basics, like what types of publishers use affiliate ads and what kind of income is possible in affiliate advertising.

Affiliate Advertising – It’s all up to you: Here I tried to explain what makes affiliate advertising so attractive (besides the money mentioned in part one). I also looked at content sites (blogs and other text-heavy sites) specifically as they relate to affiliate advertising.

Affiliate Advertising – Making It Work For You: In the last section I discussed the most common No-No’s for affiliates. Email marketing is covered and it’s sprinkled with tips from my own affiliate marketing experience.

If you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, try these sites:

Commission Junction (easiest and largest)

Linkshare (great advertisers like Dell and iTunes)

Performics (less high-tech, but worthwhile and easy to navigate)

*And, as always, feel free to comment if you want some free advice.

10 Replies to “Blog Monetization”

  1. I’m trying to make the transition from a website that is a cost center to a website that is a profit center. Once I get that down pat I hope to teach others how to take their website from costing to making money.

  2. Blog monetization, i love this post Robyn!

    I started a new experimental blog called Ocean of Income which one day will be an independent helper to African people which i am helping through fundings from my official blog income rite now.

    Affiliate marketing, for me have been proven to be very useful although it is free to join. The first day i sign up for an affiliate program, i manage to obtain 200 bucks without any special page but links, normal as you always see in any blogs type of links!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Love your site. I was just talking to a friend about affiliate marketing and this post would be a great resource for him (for me as well). 🙂

  4. Excellent list, but I’d just like to add that we should never underestimate the opportunities out there for ghost blogging. I think businesses are finally starting to realize the importance of blogging as a social media tool and to get their business name out there. If you look at the latest stats, blogging jobs are steadily on the rise. I find this encouraging, particularly in this economy. So, it’s just another opportunity to make money blogging.

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