Page Rank Update Underway

I’ve been griping for weeks about my page rank jumping up and down (which usually indicates an update). Duncan at the Blog Herald says it is DEFINITELY underway, even though it wasn’t planned (supposedly) until late March, after Jagger was complete. Great history on SEO updates here.

As of February 18th, there has not been a Toolbar PR export for 122 days. The longest time between toolbar PR exports recorded in the below Page Rank Update List was 111 days.

Anyway, Duncan offers up this tool to view your future page rank: links for 2006-02-16

SEO And Blogging

seo bloggingAs I promised Dennis, today we are going to address a common small business complaint, online visibility.

Usually when we talk about online visibility we are talking about search engine optimization, or the process of making your website organically appear in the top results on a search engine.

Today’s focus will actually center on blogging. So, how can blogging help you show up higher in the serps, or Search engine results pages?

Well, large search engines, like Google, MSN, and Yahoo index your content to determine what your site is about. They load the data on your site into their indexes, and then when a searcher enters a particular topic, they look for that word, or words that are commonly found along with that word, within all the sites of their index.

Now, you may have a site that is the most relevant to the searcher, but search engines are also looking for longevity. The number of years you have your site registered for, the number of pages on your site that they have indexed, and the number of quality links pointing to your site, from other ‘quality’ sites all play a factor in the ‘rank’ of your site.

That rank, along with the relevance of your site to the term that was searched will determine your place in the SERPs.

To learn your site’s page rank in Google, you can download the google toolbar or, if you are using Firefox to surf the web, you can also download a plugin from that will allow you to view your google page rank.

Or, to get a view of how your site looks in the top 3 search engines, go to Don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed for your search so you can get continual updates on your site’s performance while at the ehlist site.

Now that you understand SEO a bit, let’s look at how blogging improves your results.

1. Blogging gives indexed pages.

A blogger who writes daily will amass 30 or so articles per month. In one year they will have 365 posts or pages, as far as the search engines are concerned. The more pages you have indexed the higher your ranking.

2. Blogging gives you continuous updates.

Everytime you blog, if your blog platform is set-up to auto-ping the search engines, you are sending out an invitation to be ‘crawled’ by the search engines spiders. In other words, the spiders or robots that take your content back to the search engines are going to come to your site to get that content EVERYTIME you post a blog entry.

3. Most importantly, blogging gives you content that is relevant to your keywords and key phrases.

The content that you write will be relevant to your site. If you use the key words and key phrases that describe your site often, you are giving the search engines great clues as to how to classify your site.

Of course, you shouldn’t sacrifice your reader’s enjoyment to ‘look good’ to a search engine bot. Just write naturally yet with a purpose of SEO in mind, and you will end up with posts that are keyword-rich, without sacrificing readability.

Coming up: Article Submission for SEO – Including my charges for article submission and common results achieved.

Mooble and Me – Flash Social Networking and My Involvement

I totally believe in transparency, as noted elsewhere on this blog, so I wanted to ‘out’ my involvement with Mooble.

I’m the new Marketing Director for, the flash social networking site that is seeing some tremendous pickup since coming out of beta during the holiday season.  I do hope you’ll go check it out.  My mooble url is  Please add me.

I’ll be kicking off their blog and their podcast in the next 2 weeks.  Since the entire thing is flash we’ll be able to do some really cool things with video, stay tuned on that front.

And, I’ll be kicking off a contest next week for marketing ideasWinner gets a free iPod.  Yeah,  I know, it’s tough to imagine getting a free iPod w/o signing your friends up for years of spam-hell, huh…  😉

Anyway, thought I’d make it clear I am now speaking for Mooble.  If you have any suggestions, bug complaints, offers of help or general advice please let me know.

Also, if your blog or blog network thinks we should do some advertising on your site, please email me and let me know.  robyn “at”

Attensa Looks Good

smart rssMatthew Bookspan of Attensa gave me a tour of their new RSS reader right before they released it. I was particularly impressed with the ease of Outlook Sync.

My first negative thoughts were on privacy issues, but their privacy policy is pretty clear and I have no concerns there anymore.

It does beg the question, “what happens when Office 12 comes out and Outlook has RSS built in already?”

Some thoughts:

1. Attensa offers online sync ($20 a year) so that when you are not home you can check your feeds from any web connection. Mobile RSS is optional but will probably be a pretty hot ticket for them as well.

2. Is there an easy OPML export?

3. It’s Enterprise-level service so you should expect extreme stability. Compared to Bloglines, and other free services that’s pretty darn important.

4. The sync is almost real-time if you push the sync button and within 30 mins if you don’t. I think that’s pretty important.

5. The attention-stream part will be exciting to advertisers at some point I’m sure.

All in all, it was enough to induce me to download and install the demo.

Disclosure on Viral or WOM (word-of-mouth) Marketing Is VITAL

This should come as no shock to bloggers. We are notorious for over-disclosure, almost to the point of redundancy. But, that seems to be what people want. A new survey compiled from WOM marketing data concluded this:

Rather than being put off by the notion of a friend or relative was engaging them with a commercial message, many participants didn’t seem to care. More than three-quarters of respondents called the affiliation a “non-issue.” And, Mr. Carl found, people who knew of an agent’s commercial affiliation were more likely to register positive feelings toward both the agent and the company he or she was working for. —AdAge (emphasis is mine)

I’m really glad to see those numbers, because sometimes I get clients who suggest I promote a product w/o disclosure, and I’m just not going to do it. Now, I’m not going to tell you a product is good, even for money with my disclosure.

I have always appreciated the Paul Harvey school of advertising, that says I’m not promoting it unless I use it and enjoy it.
What blogger would risk their reputation for a check? Not many, I think…

Google Buys Radio Firm

Adwords may soon be via radio. Today Google bought dMarc broadcasting (ironically, that’s a Yahoo! news link) for $102M up front, and a total of $1.14B over the next 3 years.

dMarc connects advertisers directly to radio stations through its automated advertising platform. The platform simplifies the sales process, scheduling, delivery and reporting of radio advertising, enabling advertisers to more efficiently purchase and track their campaigns. For broadcasters, dMarc’s technology automatically schedules and places advertising, helping to increase revenue and decrease the costs associated with processing advertisements.

In the future, Google plans to integrate dMarc technology into the Google AdWords platform, creating a new radio ad distribution channel for Google advertisers.

Since their hope is to really make Local Search a viable alternative to traditional local media, more radio and then TV strategic partnerships buyouts are ahead.
MSN and their local search, via Verizon’s, will be a tough competitor, especially since Verizon already has a large customer base.
And, keep in mind that Google just partnered with CBS to launch the Google Video Store.

It’s always fascinating to watch the purchases of GYM to see what the big three has up their sleeves; ads, ads, and more ads…