Blogger Meetup At Steelhead Brewery, Tuesday Jan 30th

Jeremiah Owyang has been kind enough to organize a blogger meetup next week so that I can meet some people face-to-face when I get to San Fran next week. Martin has offered up his car, Jay offered up his spare room (as long as I’m not crazy, he says), and several other people (PR flacks, bloggers, podcasters and videobloggers) have been kind enough to extend an invite to this Southern gal as well.

Please sign up for the event if you can make it. I’d love to meet you all. If you can’t make the event but want to meet up, send me an email and I’ll send you my cell number and the hotel I’m staying at. I’ll be in San Fran the 28th through the 31st.

Gearing Up For Affiliate Summit

While everyone else is talking CES this week, affiliate marketers are gearing up for Affiliate Summit (aff link). I’m pleased to go as press this year and I’m really looking forward to covering this event in video, rather than only by blogging.

My husband, the world’s best looking camera man, will be going as well to film me. I’ll be staying at the Palace Station Hotel, so I won’t be on site. However, I’ll be at Bally’s the majority of the time, certainly.

I’m so looking forward to meeting all the people I’ve connected with over the past almost 2 years of blogging, and I can’t wait to interview as many people as possible. How many others of you are going? Are there any companies that you have burning questions about? Any topics you want to make sure are answered?

MyHeavy Stealing Works Without Permission

Casey McKinnion was the first to point out that MyHeavy, another YouTube wannabe, has been stealing content from web video producers and re-posting the videos without permission to profit from major ad sales. Mine was among those stolen. We’ve received no compensation, yet they put a pre-roll ad and surrounded the entire video with a wrapped ad.

It appears they’ve taken mostly videos, but Google Video uploads are appearing there as well. Mike from Blip has emailed them and is taking this very seriously. Veoh once did this but was quick to remove the videos when asked to do so. We’ll see if MyHeavy will admit to their own content theft.

They’ve just gotten a 12.3M VC cash infusion, so I hope their investors are listening. I’m considering billing them. Mike Howell has done so and I am sorely tempted. Josh Wolfe’s video of the G8 demonstrations were aired w/o his permission by news outlets and he billed and was paid for their usage, according to Enric. I’m wondering if that is the route we should go.

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CES Gathering Planned For Tablet and UMPC Nerds

I knew Scoble and Jeremiah had a bloghaus planned through Podtech at CES, but I noticed on Friday that there will be a great deal of mobility geeks going to CES to ogle the latest UMPCs and tablets displayed there and that they’re meeting up. I’m jealous, of course, as I can’t think of anything more fun than spending days feasting on nerd pron.

But, even though I can’t go I will be there in spirit via all the liveblogging and vidcasts of CES planned. Loren’s got a general all-call for the mobility community’s attendees, but if you’re going and you’re reporting on it, please let me know so I can follow your feed. I don’t want to miss a minute of it.

2 Videobloggers Save A Kid’s Life Via MySpace

Zadi sent this out from the Videoblogging list I’m on:

At first, I thought it was a joke – just a teen looking for attention.
But when I clicked on his profile and read some of his blog posts, I
began to realize that it may be real after all.

myspace suicide note

It turned out it was real. And he was overdosing on pills. Rick Rey, a
fellow videoblogger, called the school and the authorities handled it
from there. Just a few moments ago I received an email from one of his
friends saying the kid was alive and holding on in the hospital.

That was quick thinking on both their parts. A kid is alive because two guys cared enough to get involved. Sometimes the internet can be a great place to work and play.

Would you have done the same?

It also begs the question, What can we do to stop this? Zadi suggested a red button:

I feel like there should be a little box on all these social networks
that say “in case of fire, break glass.” A red button of sorts. But is
that getting into a whole gray area?

Are their negatives for this? Why couldn’t we have some sort of ’emergency notification’ button or link to alert someone who could help?

StumbleUpon For Video – StumbleVideo


StumbleUpon is an important source of traffic for my blogs, especially those that are geared to the consumer and not towards webmasters. So you can understand why my stumbling upon StumbleVideo today was rather exciting for me. Since my vlog has only 50 or so subscribers, I’m particularly interested in sending traffic to that site.

StumbleUpon video works much like the original, only there’s no need for a toolbar to surf. Also, the site is absolutely gorgeous, presented in a decidedly Web 2.0 fashion.

From Mashable:

The service logs all your ratings in the “history” section, and you can register with StumbleUpon to have that data saved in your account. Just like Pandora or, StumbleVideo uses your ratings to find more videos you might like, and it also allows you to email a link to your friends. What’s more, StumbleVideo can connect you to people who also enjoyed that particular clip. If you want your viewing to be a bit more structured, meanwhile, you can explore “channels” like Arts, Animation, Health and History.

With 3M stumbles per day, StumbleUpon is clearly showing substantial growth. Whether or not they can parlay this success into video is still up in the air, but it looks great to me. I particularly like that you can view Google Video, YouTube and MySpace Video. I’ll report back when I see any results with my own stuff.

You may also be interested in the perpetual traffic that an advertisement at StumbleUpon can give you. I found out about this from a comment Greg Hartnett left on the blog I found StumbleVideo on. I’m definitely going to try this on my own sites.

Reuters Using Yahoo’s User Gen Video

In an effort to piggyback on the user generated video revolution, Reuters is partnering with Yahoo to buy user generated content for use on their news sites.

Users will not be paid for images displayed on the Yahoo and Reuters sites. But people whose photos or videos are selected for distribution to Reuters clients will receive a payment.

This seems oddly timed given the CurrentTV and Yahoo falling out. Do the two have anything at all to do with one another or is this just baseless conjecture on my part?

Gore’s CurrentTV Is Pissed At Partner Yahoo!

When I initially saw, months ago, that CurrentTV had partnered with Yahoo for video upload and distribution, I was impressed at what I saw as great synergy. However, apparently all is not kosher between the two:

This cryptic notice here on the Current TV portion of the joint site might give some pointers: “We are no longer accepting uploads to the Yahoo! Current Network, but would encourage you to upload your videos to another pod family. If you landed here with the intention of uploading to Yahoo! Current Driver, your piece should find a home in Current Speed. Yahoo! Current Traveler submissions will fit in nicely with Current Travel, and Yahoo! Current Action pods should go to Current Edge .”

That’s pretty strong language. As far as I know the deal is still in place, but sounds like it’s hanging by threads. CNet reported, that CurrentTV spokesman Alex Dolan said, “Current is exploring better opportunities to distribute our content,”.

Wonder if any include Google?

1. Gore, former Veep and CurrentTV head honcho, is an advisor to Google.
2. They just acquired the hottest video site on the net.
3. They just signed deals with many video right’s holders.