Community Managers Meetup #1

I just got back from the Community Managers Meetup in San Francisco, which was held at the Thirsty Bear Brewery. There was only a small crowd, but I think that’s how it goes when you are just starting a new group. Rich Reader, a social media consultant, and Adam Jackson, Community Manager at Yoono (firefox extension based on your social sphere), were there. Some of the topics we discussed:

Keeping the objective in mind
– what do you want to accomplish?
Measuring Success
– Metrics, growth, engagement, etc.

Next month we’ll be discussing the tools we use to manage our community, including how we measure success (since it was an interesting topic this time). If you are a community manager and would like to join us, the group on Upcoming is Community Management Meetup. We meet once a month, somewhere in San Fran.

Likewise, if you are a business that wants to host us one month, we’d love to take this to a place with a whiteboard occasionally. Email me at robyn at sleepyblogger dot com.


I’m trying out a new ad service which places links in my blog. Triggit‘s Robert Dunn pinged me a while back and asked me to take a look, so if you have any feedback on the service, please let me know.

Great Slideshow From BarCamp London

No, I didn’t go to BarCamp London but I noticed that Slideshare was featuring their presos in the header. Glancing through a few of the topics, I was intrigued by the Moo API preso. It’s a great ‘sharing’ preso, because I don’t really need to hear the person talking to get the bulk of the info.

I initially clicked because I love Moo, but the preso was a great way to really show off what their API does and how easy it is to get it working for you. Very cool!

MOO API Engineering Course

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: perl php)

Amazing Ad For Wii On YouTube – Minor FAIL in WOM Execution

UPDATE: Wow! Take a look at the views now. 1.1M Nintendo seems to have fixed the sharing feature. As the below commenter, ellenb, mentioned, facebook, myspace, email, etc is now working. Even embed is now not falling below the other boxes, which allows me to embed below 🙂

Nintendo is using YouTube in a very unique way to promote WarioLand and the Wii. As he bursts through blocks and rocks his way through tunnels, the actual page layout of the YouTube site falls apart piece by piece. Innovative, interesting but unfortunately not quite perfect.

Rules of good word of mouth marketing are simple, and they ALWAYS include a sharing feature. Normally on YouTube I can share via embed, url or email. Obviously I see why embed won’t work, but the other sharing features are important. Viral stuff spreads easier with actual mechanisms that encourage virality.

So, I grade this one at 85%. Sad, because it’s so close to 100%.