Accomplice Podcast

Accomplice is an interesting product that organizes your To Dos and works as a collaborative task manager.

I especially like that it claps when I check something off of my list 😉

I was lucky enough to get to spend 20 mins with CEO and creator Jason Feinsmith a little while ago.

Of course, you’ve probably heard of Accomplice because it was quite the item at DEMO just a while back (DEMO is difficult to get into and if your product makes it there, you know you have something valuable). Another of my pet products, Iotum, also had a great showing there.

Anyway, please give the podcast a listen and apply to be part of the private beta. Just tell Jason I sent you 😉

Accomplice Podcast

(now let’s clap that robyn finally uploaded the podcast and can check that off her to do list)

Accomplice Private Beta

Podcasting Friends

The podcast roundtable is really seeing some movement. I’m so excited to be a part of this group!

Martin, a prolific podcaster, wrote about us today on his Computer World blog:

Finally, along with my friend Jeremiah Owyang, I interviewed Brad Feld for another of my projects, the Podcast Roundtable. Brad is a venture capitalist who invests in a number of Web 2.0 companies, such as Feedburner, Newsgator as well as other Internet companies like StillSecure and Quova. Brad is also an influential blogger in his own right. This interview was a lot of fun for both Jeremiah and I, and I learned a few things about how venture capital works.

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Mooble and Me – Flash Social Networking and My Involvement

I totally believe in transparency, as noted elsewhere on this blog, so I wanted to ‘out’ my involvement with Mooble.

I’m the new Marketing Director for, the flash social networking site that is seeing some tremendous pickup since coming out of beta during the holiday season.  I do hope you’ll go check it out.  My mooble url is  Please add me.

I’ll be kicking off their blog and their podcast in the next 2 weeks.  Since the entire thing is flash we’ll be able to do some really cool things with video, stay tuned on that front.

And, I’ll be kicking off a contest next week for marketing ideasWinner gets a free iPod.  Yeah,  I know, it’s tough to imagine getting a free iPod w/o signing your friends up for years of spam-hell, huh…  😉

Anyway, thought I’d make it clear I am now speaking for Mooble.  If you have any suggestions, bug complaints, offers of help or general advice please let me know.

Also, if your blog or blog network thinks we should do some advertising on your site, please email me and let me know.  robyn “at”

Links for 2/8/06

Feedburner admits mistake re: spam
When you have an atmosphere of freedom in your company, inevitably some employees will do things that don’t agree with your philosophy. What do you do? Follow Feedburner’s example here.

RocketBoom’s Auction Still Under Reserve
This just goes to show you traditional marketing gurus don’t “get” the blogosphere and podcasting. You’re talking about 130K viewers DAILY, all very, very tightly targeted… 5 spots AND RocketBoom will design the ads (in fact, you CAN’T design them, so you CAN’T screw them up… podcast EXPERTS are making them). This auction is for 5 ads (a week’s worth of RocketBoom) and is only at $15k? I think the $15K is more representative of one episode rather than 5. Maybe that’s what they’ll do with the winner since the reserve is not met?

Podcast Marketing
Podcasts are Radio 2.0? Not unless we really, really screw it up!

Meme Comparison
How better to get a pulse of the blogosphere? This list gives you a good idea of what’s out there. I concur that Memeorandum is best, but I do like Tailrank as a close second. Technorati’s Kitchen is pretty Hawt too. Haven’t used Topix, but it’s not for lack of buzz LOL

Survey: Should the Feds Ban Broadband Interference By ISPs?

Should the Feds get involved? That’s the question of the day today. I’m going to give you links to some convincing, intelligent arguments from both sides, and you tell me what you think. Yes, the Feds should get involved: Some…

I’ve got a survey up at the VoIP weblog that touches on the expected federal intervention for VoIP companies. If you have a moment, please take time to cast your vote.

Read more

Launch, Scalability, Web 2.0

Project Manager: So it sounds like the only thing holding us back from launching early is being ready.

I have a friend who is in the middle of launching a startup. He’s coding the site himself, and is spending his days and nights locked in his room hunched over his desk typing frenetically, furiously creating a masterpiece. He’s got drive, he’s got passion.

We talked last night about VC, that’s venture capital for my Mom’s benefit (Hi Mom), and about when, if ever, it’s needed in today’s Web 2.0 culture.

Of course, I’m a business writer/analyst so I said that many times , a large influx of cash IS necessary. I’ve seen businesses that struggle and can’t even upgrade their stinkin’ servers because they’re giving away something they can’t afford to upgrade enough to monetize. So, I think everyone should have a board member with deep pockets.

He, wisely, said his business wasn’t ready.

Here I am thinking “go, go, go” and he’s telling me he can wait a few months to test and then decide on VC. He might even bootstrap it completely.

I have a few other acquaintances that bootstrapped it and they tell me they haven’t regretted a thing.

On a related note, our podcasting startup’s site is up now. I still am not allowed to announce it, but at least for those of you following that, know were are a week or two away from a quiet launch.

We are bootstrapping it, but we’ve been blessed with some strategic partnerships that have allowed us to get majorly-expensive services for a slight percentage of ownership. I know we couldn’t have afforded it otherwise.

Shoot, I can’t even afford to travel to DEMO, even after I was given free tix. Bummer, huh???

So, as usual I’ve given you far too much info but hopefully I’ve spurred some thought for you on VC.

I don’t know how I feel, but right now I think it just depends on the situation. A startup like Digg probably could have done w/o venture, though I see how much faster they were allowed to grow due to the influx of cash.

However, something that required a major amount of employees and physical property would HAVE to have VC. Any thoughts on this?

Tom Bodet’s Podcast

Motel 6 is podcasting. Why aren’t you?

(removed link to

I can’t decide if this will be funny or helpful, but either way, I’m looking forward to the comedy.

UPDATE: There is no link to the podcast. Here’s all this free hype going to waste. Good idea, poor implementation