Indian call center under suspicion of ID breach

It’s unfortunate that outsourcing happens, but since American workers cost more, many companies are going the route of Dell, and many others. What is a little scary, is that your information might be in question.


Earlier this month, it was released that a reporter was able to buy the personal information of Australian citizens from an Indian call center. This is the same reporter that was able to buy information on British citizens in the same way months earlier. Apparently there is good business in selling our info.

“The Australian samples appeared to have come from a call centre in Gurgaon,” according to a transcript of the program. “The kind of details they provided was alarming–not just the names and addresses of Australian customers but also their telephone numbers, birth certificate details, Medicare numbers, driver’s license numbers (and) ATM card numbers.”

When companies realize that THEY are responsible for the data we trust them with, maybe we will be safer. Until then, watch your credit card statements. Keep an eye on your credit report.


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Search Engine Optimization, Again

Bring some ‘bling’ to your Web site: “‘Google won’t crawl a page if it is over 100 kilobytes,’ Friesen said. ‘Have pages be small, clean and code-light, so they don’t time out if it takes too long to download.'”

This comes from SEO expert, Todd Friesen, director of search engine optimization at search marketing company Range Online Media, at a panel discussion on the topic at the Search Engine Strategies conference.

Wish I could have been there. It really would have been nice to hear the whole discussion, even the whole conference. I can’t soak up enough info on this topic. Site marketing is so interesting right now.