Mybloglog Tips For Social Networking World Domination

Lee Odden, unarguably an expert in online marketing, has posted a community-built MyBlogLog tips post that is a must read.

Here’s my tip (a just recently admitted one, by the way):

Duzins Duzins
We made tags searchable a few months ago, with one caveat: 3 people have to tag something in order for it to be included. In other words, say you tag your own community ’seo’. Until 2 other people agree by clicking the green plus button, that tag doesn’t get into the search results. The more times someone does this, they higher up in the results you are going to show. 🙂 A good example is sexyseo (username). She ranks number one for SEO.
[Note from Lee. Before you go and get tempted to abuse this, understand that it’s pretty easy to spot abuse and suffer the consequences. ]

So, go take a look at all the member-submitted tips over there on TopRankBlog, and note also that I rank highest for ‘sexy’. Me thinks some people are kissing up. Remember, tag-flattery will get you everywhere.