ThinkSecret Joins Deadpool

I’m so disappointed to learn that Apple has killed ThinkSecret.

Apple and Think Secret have settled their lawsuit, reaching an agreement that results in a positive solution for both sides. As part of the confidential settlement, no sources were revealed and Think Secret will no longer be published. Nick Ciarelli, Think Secret’s publisher, said “I’m pleased to have reached this amicable settlement, and will now be able to move forward with my college studies and broader journalistic pursuits.”

Via CrunchGear

Kudos to TS for not giving their sources, though I’m sure Steve has already had Moshe give all employees the once over in his quest to find the mole(s). I jest, partly… But can you believe he’d go after this *college student* for years, just because he reported leaked info on iWork and the Mac Mini, both arguably teeny tiny in the Apple-verse. Anyone at Apple ever heard of free publicity? Who the hell even cares about iWork or the Mini? OK, yeah, the Mini is cool once you take it apart and bastardize it…

Yeah, I get that you make cool products, we all do. But just lately I’m still buying your stuff despite Jobs and the morons on high at Apple, because your machines and software rock. It used to be fun to support the underdog against the evil powers of Microsoft, but you’re killing that! I hate supporting Apple because they’ve gone from being the little guy to killing the little guy, and now buying a Mac gives me only the same fun I would get from buying any other computer. The joy is gone…

Thanks Steve, for continuing to sink lower so that we can be amazed that there is actually still lower to go. I can’t help but think, WWFSS? (Translation: What would Fake Steve say?)