Playing Politics – Buddy Icons Are The New Bumper Stickers

Much has been made of Obama’s slick use of social media, and while McCain’s team is doing a pretty good job w/videos, Obama is clearly doing a better job giving his supporters sharable media.

One easy way to get the word out is with buddy icons. I remember back when I was active in politics, our policy was to push out bumper stickers at every opportunity (dating myself here). Free advertising! Buddy icons are the new bumper stickers when it comes to politics.

Obama Buddy Icon

Buddy Icons
Obama’s buddy icons, for use on Instant Message services and Twitter, are easy to find and he has a large variety encompassing children, women, veterans, etc. (19 in all). McCain’s do not exist.

McCain/Palin Buddy Icon

In my own self-interest, as a McCain supporter, I’ll offer up a buddy icon for McCain. Kudos to Obama’s marketing machine for realizing that the easier you make it to share, the more likely people are to share.