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Support your favorite pirate today! Yeah, it’s on the 19th this year, but I like to party like a pirate a little early. Never heard of Talk Like a Pirate Day? Only cool people do it, so if you aren’t doing it… Well, you already know you’re ‘that’ guy.  Sad…

Anyhoo!  Javascript insert created by Tom Hughes-Croucher of the amazing team at Yahoo! Developer Network.  Get your own Talk Like A Pirate Javascript code here!

Open Yahoo! – Hackday 2008

It’s always nice to be around a throng of smart people, but when those people are developers and those developers are crazy creative and ready to hack, it makes your day even better. Hackday 08 has finally arrived!

Since Web 2.0 Expo, a few trickles of information has been coming out about what we’re planning, from Yahoo! joining the OpenSocial foundation as a founder to our provisioning OpenIDs, there *is* an effort there to open up. Yesterday Yahoo! unveiled a glimpse at what you can expect from us in the coming months. Many of us have been head-down on parts of this initiative for quite a while and have been dying to spill the beans (and you know how difficult it is for a blogger to keep secrets!), but I’m glad a nice chunk of it is finally out in the open (no pun intended).

A few of the cool APIs that enable this more open Yahoo! have already been released (SearchMonkey, BOSS ($3K Mashable Contest), Address Book, FireEagle, GeoPlanet, Music, etc.) but there’s a sneaky peek going on today that gives Hackday developers access to some of the rest of what’s cooking. It includes many of the Y!OS components.

  • Social Directory API (access user profile data and relationships)
  • Contacts (as you might get, this one gives you info about user’s contacts)
  • Status (again, obviously, allows you to get info about user’s status)
  • Updates (lifestream API)
  • App Platform (or YAP, as we call it, let’s you build apps on Yahoo! using the social graph here)

I worked on the YAP team from Nov-May and I can’t tell you how exciting it is to finally share at least a glimpse of this one. Being a part of something that allows developers to reach Yahoo!’s massive audience, and enrich our user experience in the meantime, has been awesome. Today devs are being given the opportunity to build apps and see them running on Mail and My Yahoo. Just a preview, but hey, that means our Hackday peeps are *exclusive*. 😉

The rest of today will be filled with deep dives on particular APIs and some unconf-type sessions from 3-5, then there’s a band tonight (not allowed to blog who it is just yet). We’ll hack all night and begin presentations tomorrow afternoon. I’ve gotta run because I need to scout out where I’m camping tonight. More later!

Apple Holding App Developers To Minimum Standard-The Horror!

Why is everyone bitching because this app was not approved? I’m trying to find out where the outcry is coming from… Why is it a bad thing that Pull My Finger was removed? Editorial control (ie real human actually looking at apps) is what we’re all begging for on most platforms. Is the argument that this is subjective? I’m totally confused as to what we are missing out on by not being able to buy this app? (via)

Open HackDay At Yahoo!

This is one of those things that you don’t want to miss. It’s limited to a few hundred developers and priority is being given to those devs who are hacking. Please request an invite here and add your name to Upcoming if you want to attend. We’ll be sending out invites shortly so act fast.

New DataPortability Logo Needed

After a cease and desist letter from Fedora, we learned our logo was a bit too much like theirs, and rather than waste resources saving the logo and fighting with a company many of us like, it seemed to make more sense to just ask the community to help us come up with another one. If you have mad design skills, please give us a hand with the new DataPortability logo. Details on Chris’ blog.

Yahoo Offers Up OpenID

Via TC:

But the real news comes today, as Yahoo and its roughly 250 million user IDs officially jump on the bandwagon. Today, there are only approximately 120 million valid OpenID accounts. In one move, Yahoo more than triples that number.

I found out about this in late Dec, but couldn’t say anything. I was so glad to see that we were embracing OpenID. Developers look here.

Another ‘Fear Twitter’ Post

Twitter Is Dangerous

Yeah right… Bloggers with their gloom and doom are more dangerous. The gist of this ‘fear twitter’ story is that people are, gasp, talking to more than one person!

Imagine this scenario: 20 people are in a confidential meeting, one of them using Twitter. This attendee broadcasts an off-hand “tweet” (Twitter comment) to his or her “followers” (Twitter friends). With traditional instant messaging, that message would be received by perhaps one or two others. With Twitter, that comment may be seen by 10, 100, 1000, or more followers.

Egads, perhaps they will leak their secret to 20 people, instead of 1 person. I have news for you pal, whether it’s to 1 or 20, leaks happen, and only a moron would leak on twitter with it attached PUBLICLY to his name. There’s your safeguard.

I suppose the selective hiring process will ensure that people with IQs of less than 50 won’t have access to such large secrets. There are no need for IT directives or corporate Twitter policies. I repeat, a Memo is not necessary. We all know that leaks in any form of communication is wrong.

But, back to the original discussion… I’d get away with leaking much easier if I just told one person in conversation via my text message, and then another later over drinks, than I would for tweeting a secret to 20 people. Twitter *is* like the watercooler, only this watercooler has a history of all conversations that are public. Leaks happen, and Twitter won’t make that any more possible that anything else. If you want to fear something, fear those new fangled phones. Every leak I’ve ever heard has come from either a phone or IM…

Why do I let myself get riled up by this obvious linkbait?

ThinkSecret Joins Deadpool

I’m so disappointed to learn that Apple has killed ThinkSecret.

Apple and Think Secret have settled their lawsuit, reaching an agreement that results in a positive solution for both sides. As part of the confidential settlement, no sources were revealed and Think Secret will no longer be published. Nick Ciarelli, Think Secret’s publisher, said “I’m pleased to have reached this amicable settlement, and will now be able to move forward with my college studies and broader journalistic pursuits.”

Via CrunchGear

Kudos to TS for not giving their sources, though I’m sure Steve has already had Moshe give all employees the once over in his quest to find the mole(s). I jest, partly… But can you believe he’d go after this *college student* for years, just because he reported leaked info on iWork and the Mac Mini, both arguably teeny tiny in the Apple-verse. Anyone at Apple ever heard of free publicity? Who the hell even cares about iWork or the Mini? OK, yeah, the Mini is cool once you take it apart and bastardize it…

Yeah, I get that you make cool products, we all do. But just lately I’m still buying your stuff despite Jobs and the morons on high at Apple, because your machines and software rock. It used to be fun to support the underdog against the evil powers of Microsoft, but you’re killing that! I hate supporting Apple because they’ve gone from being the little guy to killing the little guy, and now buying a Mac gives me only the same fun I would get from buying any other computer. The joy is gone…

Thanks Steve, for continuing to sink lower so that we can be amazed that there is actually still lower to go. I can’t help but think, WWFSS? (Translation: What would Fake Steve say?)

New Zimbra Book

For those of you who have fallen in love with Zimbra, or just want to know more, you may want to check out this book from Packt Publishing.

They sent me a copy to review a month ago and it’s jam-packed with all kinds of nerdy goodness. For someone that just wants to find out more about Zimbra, it’s good, but for those of you that want to put it through it’s passes, you’ll love this book.

I think it runs around $40 normally, but you can get it on Amazon for around $30.