Kindle Looks Cool, No Really I Mean It

OK, first thoughts on Kindle.

1. How long before this gets ‘upgraded’ and you piss off the early adopters? (a little Zune frustration is coming out here)
2. $400 is high. How come this doesn’t come with a few public domain books on there for fun?
3. Battery life looks awesome, as does weight. Think this is too late to ask for this for XMas?
4. Did they really just advertise blogs on there? That is cool (no, not being silly, really I do think that is cool).
5. Any audio? Will it read to me? Can I podcast newspaper subscriptions (ie Audible) on this device?
6. How long before this gets hacked like the jukebox? I mean the fact that it’s not wifi but mobile (ie like a cellphone/modem or aircard), makes this really cool for a hacked web tablet. Then again, the N770 is less than the $400 that this costs though it’s only Wifi capable out-of-the-box, but the potential is so darn fun…

Amazon Kindle

… and, PS to Amazon. Tsk Tsk, the only ‘share’ option is via email. Not very WOMM friendly. Also, when you ‘work three years’ on a product, make sure it’s ready to sell via your Associates store on launch day. Argh!

UPDATE: OK, another thought… Could this solve the sagging backpacks problem in school? I mean, I know you’re thinking, ‘she acts like she’s never seen an e-reader’, but I can’t help but think this is an almost must have for a traveling reader (erm, like me).

Lead Gen on the Radio

Friday I was asked to be part of Talking The Lead on Voice of America, hosted by Cindy Rakowitz, former VP of PR and Marketing at Playboy, now of 5WPR. The focus of the call was LeadPoint. CEO Marc Diana was answered questions knowledgeably and I learned more than I ever thought was possible about the Lead Generation segment and the auction model that LeadPoint uses in their lead marketplace.
Talking the Lead, Friday, May 31

If you’re an affiliate who is interested in Lead Generation, this show will be of interest to you. As well, the last few minutes of the show were spent discussing advertising companies in general and their potential for acquisition. So, this show might be of interest to many of you.

Regardless, it was a blast to do, and a pleasure to be asked to participate.

Custom Amazon Video Ad

Steve Garfield, a terrific video blogger, has implemented a custom Amazon ad at the end of a video for a client, Nina Simonds of Spices of Life (excellent video by the way).

I think it is a great way to work a different method of monetization into video. The book certainly matches her subject matter, and as much as Amazon sells, any of us could pull a product in easily that would work well with our own topic. Anyway, I’m mui impressed…

Josh Wolf Now Longest Jailed Journalist For Contempt Of Court In The USA

Josh Wolf, 24-year old blogger/video blogger sits in jail tonight. Yesterday Wolf started his 169th day in jail, which gave him the dubious distinction of being the longest journalist, in the USA, to be incarcerated for Contempt of Court charges (ie not handing over sources or source materiel when it is demanded by the government).

Other than a few stories in Time and others when this initially took place 8/1/2006, where is the traditional media? The San Francisco Gate has covered this a bit, like yesterday’s coverage of Josh’s plight (via Jay Dedman on Videobloggers list), but who else is talking about this? It’s a shame to see this young man sit in jail, perhaps until his Grand Jury adjourns in July, for nothing more than protecting the people in his video. Remember, Josh has offered to allow the Judge, US District Court Judge, William Alsup, the opportunity to view the tape (to ascertain as to whether any illegal acts were recorded on the tape as the Federal Government maintains), and the Hon judge refused. Shame on Alsup…

Please pass on the news of Josh’s story and link to his wiki and his blog. He’s done nothing to deserve sitting in jail right now.

It could happen to any of us.

More on Josh’s plight:

1. Federal Shield Law

2. Video Journalist Remains Jailed

3. Josh Interviewed As Part of Frontline News War Series

4. Steve Rhodes Flickr Set of Free Josh Pics&

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BarcampUSA Tickets On Sale Today

This morning, Feb 1, Barcamp USA tix went on sale. Here’s the deets:

Early registration special if you register before May 1

$20 for 1 day pass

$10 for each additional day

Total cost is $50 for all 4 days

There will be an option to sleep inside some of the session tents at no cost. These tents will generally be 30 x 30 feet and have room for two or three dozen people each. (you will not be able to leave any personal items in the tents during the day)

Private tent camping fee is $15 per night with up to 8 people per tent.

(significant advantages to registering early)

This BarCamp is going to be different that the others we’ve seen. Most Barcamps run 200-500 people. This one will be 3K-5K strong, and is being touted as ‘the woodstock of our generation’. I can’t wait. I might even consider camping out on the grounds, though that is SO unlike me.

We’re organizing a killer videoblogging track, so if you want to add a session, jump in and do so. There should be a great deal of elementary level sessions, as so many people just want to get started. However, please jump in with some intermediate and advanced sessions as well. Remember, it’s an un-conference. At Barcamp you don’t have to be an expert, you just need to be passionate. Chances are there will be plenty of people who will jump in and lend you a hand. Let me know via email or the comments if you want to get more involved. As well, sponsorships are available, and the videoblogging track doesn’t yet have a track sponsor.

Hope to see you there! (cross posted to

Touring Intel and PodTech

I’m still in California meeting with the Intel Software Network and even though we’ve been pretty busy thus far, I convinced Jeremiah Owyang to give me a tour of his new digs at PodTech. I’ve known Jeremiah for a long time, first as a fellow member of the Podcast Roundtable and now as a good friend and colleague, so it was absolutely great to finally meet in person.

Jeremiah was in a meeting when I got there, so Linda Furrier and Darold Massaro were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedule to entertain me for a bit while he finished up. I got to meet John Furrier for a brief minute, which was great, and I raided their snack area in the meantime.

podtech's yummy snack roompodtech's yummy snack area

Within a few minutes I got to talk with both Jeremiah and Scoble, and all-in-all, the tour was quick but fun.

Scoble even alerted me to the bruhaha he kicked off over the weekend re: Intel’s New 45 Nanometer Processors. I enjoyed the video and was impressed by the delivery by Kelin Kuhn, the head of the department that is responsible for the breakthough, in that she talked in such a way that an admittedly clueless person like myself could follow along as to why a 10x reduction in gate leakage was beneficial. I guess I missed all of the coverage (ValleyWag, New York Times, etc.) due to my trips to Las Vegas and San Francisco in the last 10 days.

Jeremiah, Scoble and I chatted briefly about ‘bad press’ and ‘good press’, and the overall effect. I think that this much buzz, whether it is over a link-love battle or not, is great for both Podtech and Intel. What do you think?

Blogger Meetup At Steelhead Brewery, Tuesday Jan 30th

Jeremiah Owyang has been kind enough to organize a blogger meetup next week so that I can meet some people face-to-face when I get to San Fran next week. Martin has offered up his car, Jay offered up his spare room (as long as I’m not crazy, he says), and several other people (PR flacks, bloggers, podcasters and videobloggers) have been kind enough to extend an invite to this Southern gal as well.

Please sign up for the event if you can make it. I’d love to meet you all. If you can’t make the event but want to meet up, send me an email and I’ll send you my cell number and the hotel I’m staying at. I’ll be in San Fran the 28th through the 31st.

Interview With Business Blogging Expert, Ted Demopoulos

I enjoyed interviewing Ted, author of What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting back in mid December. Ted featured roughly 100 bloggers in the book, including me, and I’ll review it as soon as I receive my copy in the mail.

You can read more about the book here (book blog) and here (on Amazon) What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting. I hope you enjoy the interview with Ted Demopoulos, author of two books on business blogging.

or grab the feed

A full listing of my podcasts can be found here.

MyHeavy Stealing Works Without Permission

Casey McKinnion was the first to point out that MyHeavy, another YouTube wannabe, has been stealing content from web video producers and re-posting the videos without permission to profit from major ad sales. Mine was among those stolen. We’ve received no compensation, yet they put a pre-roll ad and surrounded the entire video with a wrapped ad.

It appears they’ve taken mostly videos, but Google Video uploads are appearing there as well. Mike from Blip has emailed them and is taking this very seriously. Veoh once did this but was quick to remove the videos when asked to do so. We’ll see if MyHeavy will admit to their own content theft.

They’ve just gotten a 12.3M VC cash infusion, so I hope their investors are listening. I’m considering billing them. Mike Howell has done so and I am sorely tempted. Josh Wolfe’s video of the G8 demonstrations were aired w/o his permission by news outlets and he billed and was paid for their usage, according to Enric. I’m wondering if that is the route we should go.

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