Online Marketing Goals

Know what you want…

Seems simple right? In my experience, dealing with hundreds of clients over the last 12 years, very few can actually quantify what they want.

Some tell me they want marketing help (far too vague), but when I ask about success metrics, they almost invariably cite traffic as their primary success measure. Now, not to discount traffic, but that’s not what pays the bills is it?

ROI shouldn’t be calculated on traffic*, but by counting other other measures. If your aim is engagement, count comments, reviews, buzz. If your aim is sales, count overall revenue increases, direct conversions, increase of average sales…

In an SEM campaign in particular, knowing what you want is vital, because every click costs you. Your campaigns should be highly segmented, helping you know where each dime goes, how each ad performs, how each keyword you’re buying contributes to the goals you’ve set.

Search Engine Guide has an excellent post up today about segmenting your keywords:

There are four distinct keyword segments each representing a different phase of the searcher’s buying cycle. After going through the process above you should be left with one or more groups of keyword that can be optimized into a page or several pages. The next step is to take each group and segment them even further based on those keyword segments.

Once you know what you want, you can do A/B testing to determine where your money’s going and whether or not your plan is working.  Know what you want and you have a heck of a lot better chance at getting it.

*there are a few, rare exceptions to this rule

Pulver’s SocComm Looking For Speakers

Jeff Pulver is putting together a conference and is looking for speakers.

So I’m putting out this “Call for Speakers” and looking for creative, out-of-the-box thinkers to come forward and pitch me about a topic they are passionate about and would like to speak about. (Practical talks are also welcome.)

What I hope to bring together is a gathering of people with a variety of backgrounds and industries and together explore the future of where things are going and what business models will be used to provide the dollar returns needed to get us there. I expect to bring together people from across the worlds of: Media / Internet / Communications / Entertainment. Something I would call a “MICE” event.

If you are interested in speaking at SocComm, and or would like to suggest a speaker, please contact me ASAP. The deadline for speaking proposals is December 5th but the first to approach me will be the first I consider for the event.

If you are interested in pitching your idea to him, do it via email.

NetworkSolutions – Solutions Stars Videos

At BlogWorld Expo, I was interviewed by Network Solutions to answer a few questions that their customers might have. There are a serious of almost a dozen videos up now, with some major big names in social media, but with my ego being monstrous, I’ve only linked to the ones I’m in 😉

The whole series is pretty good though, and if you have a few minutes, I recommend them.

Start with Listening
Strategy Drives Outreach
To Blog or Not to Blog
Rising Above the Noise

Genius at BizTechDay

BizTechDay is October 25th at the Hilton in San Francisco. Tim Ferris, of 4 Hour Work Week fame (you may have seen my own praises for his book here), is the keynote, and if he was the only speaker there, the conference would be worth more than the $250ish that it costs. Of course, he’s not the only speaker though, the lineup is fab (below).

The organizers are setting up a genius bar, much like the Apple Stores’ famed guru corner, and I’ve been asked to be the Blog Monetization genius (woot!). If you are thinking of attending, but are still on the fence, let me know as I have a significant discount for 5 people (significant=discount of $150).

Full speaker list is here:

ONE FULL DAY of latest Web 2.0 Business Ideas that you can apply to your business right away. Here are just a few of the experts presenting at BiztechDay 2008:

Tim Ferris – New York Time Best Seller and Author of The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich
George Wright – VP of Marketing, Blendtec (WillitBlend – one of the most successful Business YouTube Campaigns – 700% increase in Revenue)
Megan Casey – Editor in Chief from
Scott Heiferman – Co-Founder of
Alex Craddock – Head of Small Business Marketing of Visa
Stephan M. Spencer – SEO Guru & Founder of
Christine Comaford – Mighty Ventures & Google Angel
Nish Nadaraja – Marketing Director,
Dan McComb – Co-Founder,
Adriana Gascoign – Director of Corporate Communications,
Stu Carty – Regional Development Director, Constant Contact
Jack Mardack – Director of Marketing, Eventbrite
Vincent Lauria – Co-founder of
Jason Billingsley – Co-Founder Elastic Path Software
Scott Sigler – Pro-Podcaster and Author of INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS
Ian Griffin – Pro-Podcaster and President of National Speaker Association
Yaniv Bensadon – Founder of
Nicole Nicolay – Founder of
Christian Perry – Founder of Room Full of People
Ann Evanston – Regional Director of eWomenNetwork
Nancy Tubbs – Founder of FullCalendar
Patrick Schwerdtfeger – Founder of Tactical Execution
Angie Chang – Cofounder of Women 2.0
Robyn Tippins – Community Manager, Yahoo! Developer Network
Chris Pareja – Founder of B2B Power Exchange
Cesar Plata – Founder of
Pam Strayer – Awarding Winning Journalist and Media Creator
Rick Rochon – Founder of
Elsa Chang – Community Manager, Yahoo! Local and Upcoming
Hazel Grace Dircksen – Social Networking Expert

Dadomatic – BlogHim?

After seeing a series of tweets from a broad range of cool men, I stumbled upon Chris Brogan‘s newest site, Dadomatic. The site is a range of posts from men who are taking fatherhood seriously.

From Eric Peterson:

Children can be so inspirational. It’s neat to see how they grow and develop, and even teach adults important lessons. So, that was my toddler taught adversity lesson. Or maybe it was actually a lesson on “independence” or “perseverance” or “toughness.” At any rate, it’s another valuable lesson from a special child!

From Scott Wilder:

In the pursuit of evaluating my stewardship of time; I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve allowed deadly toxins to invade my schedule. Toxins in the form of people and activities that impare my ability to lavish love and attention on my bride and forthcoming child.

From Joe Hage (on a subject we’re also dealing with at home):

Four-year-old Lukey got in trouble today.

Hitting at school. This after yesterday’s “pushing game” at school and the day before’s “spitting at school.”

This site gives a voice to a segment of people who rarely get to really talk about parenting. We applaud women as mothers, single mothers, females in general who blog, but when do we pat men on the back for the roles they play in our children’s lives? My husband is an amazing father, and I’m so glad to be able to show him this site and give him a way to speak out on the amazing things he does with our kids.

My only suggestion is to have the author’s names link to their home blog so when people (like me) quote this blog, we can link back to them correctly.

Thanks Chris, for giving men a community like

Playing Politics – Buddy Icons Are The New Bumper Stickers

Much has been made of Obama’s slick use of social media, and while McCain’s team is doing a pretty good job w/videos, Obama is clearly doing a better job giving his supporters sharable media.

One easy way to get the word out is with buddy icons. I remember back when I was active in politics, our policy was to push out bumper stickers at every opportunity (dating myself here). Free advertising! Buddy icons are the new bumper stickers when it comes to politics.

Obama Buddy Icon

Buddy Icons
Obama’s buddy icons, for use on Instant Message services and Twitter, are easy to find and he has a large variety encompassing children, women, veterans, etc. (19 in all). McCain’s do not exist.

McCain/Palin Buddy Icon

In my own self-interest, as a McCain supporter, I’ll offer up a buddy icon for McCain. Kudos to Obama’s marketing machine for realizing that the easier you make it to share, the more likely people are to share.

Open Yahoo! – Hackday 2008

It’s always nice to be around a throng of smart people, but when those people are developers and those developers are crazy creative and ready to hack, it makes your day even better. Hackday 08 has finally arrived!

Since Web 2.0 Expo, a few trickles of information has been coming out about what we’re planning, from Yahoo! joining the OpenSocial foundation as a founder to our provisioning OpenIDs, there *is* an effort there to open up. Yesterday Yahoo! unveiled a glimpse at what you can expect from us in the coming months. Many of us have been head-down on parts of this initiative for quite a while and have been dying to spill the beans (and you know how difficult it is for a blogger to keep secrets!), but I’m glad a nice chunk of it is finally out in the open (no pun intended).

A few of the cool APIs that enable this more open Yahoo! have already been released (SearchMonkey, BOSS ($3K Mashable Contest), Address Book, FireEagle, GeoPlanet, Music, etc.) but there’s a sneaky peek going on today that gives Hackday developers access to some of the rest of what’s cooking. It includes many of the Y!OS components.

  • Social Directory API (access user profile data and relationships)
  • Contacts (as you might get, this one gives you info about user’s contacts)
  • Status (again, obviously, allows you to get info about user’s status)
  • Updates (lifestream API)
  • App Platform (or YAP, as we call it, let’s you build apps on Yahoo! using the social graph here)

I worked on the YAP team from Nov-May and I can’t tell you how exciting it is to finally share at least a glimpse of this one. Being a part of something that allows developers to reach Yahoo!’s massive audience, and enrich our user experience in the meantime, has been awesome. Today devs are being given the opportunity to build apps and see them running on Mail and My Yahoo. Just a preview, but hey, that means our Hackday peeps are *exclusive*. 😉

The rest of today will be filled with deep dives on particular APIs and some unconf-type sessions from 3-5, then there’s a band tonight (not allowed to blog who it is just yet). We’ll hack all night and begin presentations tomorrow afternoon. I’ve gotta run because I need to scout out where I’m camping tonight. More later!

Community Management Wiki

Tilly and I set up a wiki over the weekend (thanks to a HUGE load of help from Wetpaint) and the barebones of our Community Managers group is up and running now.

Community Managers Wiki
I love working with CMs because they are motivated!  I sent out the invites around 11am and by 2pm, all but 3 of the folks we invited had accepted (and all of them had actually posted a pic!).  CMs just ‘get’ how to interact!

If you are a community manager or your job revolves around community management (ie social media strategist, evangelist, etc.) or if you know someone who is (lucky you!), then please let them know about our little group.

Affiliate Marketer Advertises On Adsense Via Twitter Ad

I’m a pretty heavy Twitter user, with the wealth of my communication going there lately, rather than to this blog. This is not due to any aversion to blogging, but more because of the time constraint I’m under right now. Apparently Gmail knows this, as any good email program/big brother should, and it recommends appropriate ads for me on a regular basis.

Today’s recommended ad had me doing a double take:

Twitter Affiliate Marketing Adsense Ad

Clicking this takes you to this Twitter user’s page:


Looks like he’s running some sort of contest to increase his Twitter followers. God, I hate that… Anyway, if you take a look at the link on his account, you’ll see his actual ad’s landing page (not linked because I don’t want to contribute to this guy’s Google juice): http://www.hexatrackdotcom/

So, the story is that this guy has found the Revolution in Search Engine Marketing and wants to let people in on the amazing news. Of course, membership is limited (damn the rules!) and you need to get in on this by some vague date in the near future because after that the price is going to go up. Whether or not they throw in a few ShamWow!s remains to be seen…

Apparently, they recognized that their audience was people who are looking to Uncover the “honeypots” of affiliate marketing. What’s not apparent is why they thought that Twitter sign-up ads would appeal to this crowd. I’m thinking they were too lazy/too uncreative to come up with good ad copy and they thought this was a very easy way to lend legitimacy to their product/personal brand (ie Twitter put up an ad and used this cool guy as their example Twitter page).

Do they really think that affiliate marketers are that stupid (ie marketers who can’t tell the difference between an ad for Twitter and an ad for a particular user’s page)? I’ve yet to meet an affiliate marketer that wasn’t savvy enough to see right through this. What I have met, in affiliate marketing and internet marketing in general, is lots of people who are interested in raking in easy cash and will shell out $50-$500 for that get-rich-quick, answer to world hunger, guaranteed to lose money, affiliate marketer tool. It appears to me that affiliate marketers aren’t really their target. The people they hope to fool with this ad will be ignorant enough to think that their product has value as well.

Doesn’t Google have some ‘branding’ guidelines that would take care of this? Where would a user go to report this?