Stupid Decisions

illustration by james donnelly, click through for brilliant thesis on stupidity

Business people and consumers are often accused of stupidity. All of us are guilty of it. And, though I love the song/video Stupid Girls, I try my best not to be one.
While I was trying to figure out why Blogger feeds were not validating, I came across this post attempting to explain the problem.

Some people, such as Dave Winer believe Google is engaging in such user unfriendly behavior for malicious reasons but given that Google doesn’t currently ship a news aggregator there doesn’t seem to be much of a motive there (Of course, this changes once they ship one).

Now, I think it is only fair to warn you that the decision to make 1.0 the ONLY valid standard was made long ago (we’re talking atom), and the discussion thereby is closed, but the fact that blogspot blogs are not valid feeds is disturbing.

Now, is that just the 8 blogs I just tried or are they not valid across the board? And, if that’s the case, what can the individual user do about it?

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  1. Robyn- This is one of those issues that makes my head hurt. I hate to deal with stuff like this. I hate dealing with “under the hood” issues since they take away from what I’m trying to do generally. So i think I’ll check all my feeds to make sure they still work…

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