Lee Odden’s Must Read Search Marketing Blogs

This is one of the most comprehensive lists of great SEM/SEO and social media blogs I’ve seen. There are roughly 250 feeds handpicked by Lee Odden. The OPML is here. For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure to meet OPML, she’s an easy way to add a collection of feeds to your reader. You can upload/import this file to your reader and save yourself a great deal of time when subscribing.

Weed out those you do not need, but this is a great way to start following this topic in the blogosphere.

Below is a collection of over 250 blogs covering search marketing with a few that venture into blogging, social media and new media public relations. This list is an output of my own RSS reader and it will update (add/remove) as I update the list of blogs and feeds that I track. I hope you find it useful.

I’m honored to say Practical Blogging made the list. 🙂

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  1. Instead of importing Lee’s list to your feed reader, which in fact causes a static replica of his list, you could consider subscribing to the OPML file. This has the advantage that when Lee updates the OPML file, you’ll be notified. There are several ways to have the most current version of the OPML file available: by browsing it using an online service such as Grazr, or by using the cross-platform aggregator BlogBridge, which explicitly supports subscribing to dynamic reading lists.
    For the BlogBridge community I maintain several reading lists, most of which are related to RSS technology itself.

    Grazr: http://www.grazr.com
    BlogBridge: http://www.blogbridge.com
    RSSonate directory of RSS blogs: see the Grazr widget in the sidebar of my main blog CleverClogs (http://www.cleverclogs.org)
    RSS Tool Vendor News: see the Grazr widget in the sidebar of my RSS Tool Vendors blog(http://dutchisms.typepad.com/rss_tool_vendors)

    I hope you appreciate the pointers.

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