Touring Intel and PodTech

I’m still in California meeting with the Intel Software Network and even though we’ve been pretty busy thus far, I convinced Jeremiah Owyang to give me a tour of his new digs at PodTech. I’ve known Jeremiah for a long time, first as a fellow member of the Podcast Roundtable and now as a good friend and colleague, so it was absolutely great to finally meet in person.

Jeremiah was in a meeting when I got there, so Linda Furrier and Darold Massaro were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedule to entertain me for a bit while he finished up. I got to meet John Furrier for a brief minute, which was great, and I raided their snack area in the meantime.

podtech's yummy snack roompodtech's yummy snack area

Within a few minutes I got to talk with both Jeremiah and Scoble, and all-in-all, the tour was quick but fun.

Scoble even alerted me to the bruhaha he kicked off over the weekend re: Intel’s New 45 Nanometer Processors. I enjoyed the video and was impressed by the delivery by Kelin Kuhn, the head of the department that is responsible for the breakthough, in that she talked in such a way that an admittedly clueless person like myself could follow along as to why a 10x reduction in gate leakage was beneficial. I guess I missed all of the coverage (ValleyWag, New York Times, etc.) due to my trips to Las Vegas and San Francisco in the last 10 days.

Jeremiah, Scoble and I chatted briefly about ‘bad press’ and ‘good press’, and the overall effect. I think that this much buzz, whether it is over a link-love battle or not, is great for both Podtech and Intel. What do you think?

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