Josh Wolf Now Longest Jailed Journalist For Contempt Of Court In The USA

Josh Wolf, 24-year old blogger/video blogger sits in jail tonight. Yesterday Wolf started his 169th day in jail, which gave him the dubious distinction of being the longest journalist, in the USA, to be incarcerated for Contempt of Court charges (ie not handing over sources or source materiel when it is demanded by the government).

Other than a few stories in Time and others when this initially took place 8/1/2006, where is the traditional media? The San Francisco Gate has covered this a bit, like yesterday’s coverage of Josh’s plight (via Jay Dedman on Videobloggers list), but who else is talking about this? It’s a shame to see this young man sit in jail, perhaps until his Grand Jury adjourns in July, for nothing more than protecting the people in his video. Remember, Josh has offered to allow the Judge, US District Court Judge, William Alsup, the opportunity to view the tape (to ascertain as to whether any illegal acts were recorded on the tape as the Federal Government maintains), and the Hon judge refused. Shame on Alsup…

Please pass on the news of Josh’s story and link to his wiki and his blog. He’s done nothing to deserve sitting in jail right now.

It could happen to any of us.

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