Commercials That Last

Advertising is getting better and better. Because so many of us own DVRs and can regularly skip anything that we want to skip, ad shops are forced to deliver fare that is often better than the show that we are viewing (saving of course Reno 911, because they just can’t beat that one).

Unfortunately, some advertisers aren’t even trying. Nike spent a gazillion dollars, I’m sure, making this commercial. While the soccer moves are pretty darn amazing, I didn’t even think about shoes, clothes or Nike during the entire ad. What gives?

What happened to their great ads from what seems like forever ago, like this one?

Dairy Queen blew us away with this one last year (and the other one, that was even funnier I couldn’t find on YouTube, was a woman braving a shock-treatment to get her Moolatte fix):

And it seems they are still on top of the world, with these new characters. Notice how you are not only laughing, but you are thinking about the product as well. Both of these ads are perfect for their products, and they gave DQ a series of commercials, not just one, that helped give the brand, whether Moolatte or Waffles and Softserve, a depth that just one spot won’t do.

Some more of my favorites of late are below. Note, for some real fun look for banned commercials on Youtube. Ikea has a few that made me wish America was a little less uptight, because these are really, really good.

Less imaginative, but funny nonetheless:

Bud’s Swear Jar (warning, swear means cursing so don’t watch if that offends you)

And last, ‘women always look better at closing time’:

Advertisers have got to up their game.

2 Replies to “Commercials That Last”

  1. Advertisements are definately getting more creative! I love the DQ and swear jar ones! I have been working with so I put a swear jar on my desk at work, its fun!

  2. GSE, I also love the comcast digital voice commercials. I think they take the cake, even the 30 second spots. I’m always amazed at what a little humor can do to soften up my checkbook. 😉

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