Quechup Invites Are Still Bombarding Me

I’m still surprised at the number of Quechup invites I’m getting from friends, business acquaintances and mailing lists. I thought that when Quechup saw the enormous flack they were taking for spamming their users’ address books, they’d fix this obviously broken invite system. However, I got another 5 invites today. At least it seems to be slowing down as more and more users are deciding to steer clear of the new social network. I suppose 30 email invites, plus at least 20 apology emails with an angry report of what had been done to them by Quechup, is a small price to pay for being well warned not to come anywhere near the site. But, the lack of response from the site’s owners is deafening.

I’m at more than 30 invites so far, most from people I have only exchanged one email with the in the past. What about you? How many spam Quechup invites have you gotten? Were you a victim of the site’s spam-friend invite?

4 Replies to “Quechup Invites Are Still Bombarding Me”

  1. I only received 20 and maybe 5 appologies, I suppose it depends on how well connected you are 😉

    In some ways it is similar to the broadcast problem which thankfully was fixed.

  2. Thank goodness most people who know me know I don’t do a lot of social networking outside of MBL and social news/media sites, so, while I get an occassional (unused) Pownce invite or the like, I missed this crazy train entirely 🙂

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