Building Communities In a Web 2.0 World

I’m preparing now for an upcoming presentation at Webcom-Montreal (note: site in French) mid-November. While I have my outline done, I am looking for a few great examples of community. I’d love to hear what you think about this.

Who is doing community right? Who sucks at community?

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  1. Community is a pretty general term, just like “internet marketing” or “business”

    i assume you’re talking about online community?

    perhaps defining the elements of a stick community would be prefable?

    1) longevity/ ‘long tail’ sociality
    2) social glue/purpose
    3) critical mass

    dang…now i feel like blogging about this…

    who’s doing it right: facebook, myspace (kinda), mybloglog, twitter

    who could be doing it better: and a bajillion other social networking sites.


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