More Pics From Blogworld Expo

John Hong from Zappos, as a local, was great at showing us around Vegas. I was crushed that we didn’t have time to go to the Double Down, home of the Bacon Martini, which is the url that John asked me to credit for the photos. Well he wanted me to credit another one, but in the interest of decency I’m going with baconmartini.

Anyhoo, Double Down specializes in Punk music, and as I’m a fan of that sort of music (see my I would have enjoyed it immensely, likely as would Jeremy as he actually knew who Henry Rollins was, but it was just the past adults bedtime by the time we got around to it.

John took some great shots of us Friday night, and video of Liz acting silly. She’s lucky he only sent me the pics. 😛

Maria and I at the Blog Movie Car

Me and Maria Palma

Robyn Tippins and Jeremy Pepper at Shadows in Vegas

Me and Jeremy Pepper

Robyn Tippins

Me making fun of Jeremy’s choice in clothing

I’m getting ready to go to Webcom-Montreal now. If any of you are in Montreal, call me at 408-718-0886 so we meetup (more details on MyBlogLog blog)!

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