Community Managers Meetup #1

I just got back from the Community Managers Meetup in San Francisco, which was held at the Thirsty Bear Brewery. There was only a small crowd, but I think that’s how it goes when you are just starting a new group. Rich Reader, a social media consultant, and Adam Jackson, Community Manager at Yoono (firefox extension based on your social sphere), were there. Some of the topics we discussed:

Keeping the objective in mind
– what do you want to accomplish?
Measuring Success
– Metrics, growth, engagement, etc.

Next month we’ll be discussing the tools we use to manage our community, including how we measure success (since it was an interesting topic this time). If you are a community manager and would like to join us, the group on Upcoming is Community Management Meetup. We meet once a month, somewhere in San Fran.

Likewise, if you are a business that wants to host us one month, we’d love to take this to a place with a whiteboard occasionally. Email me at robyn at sleepyblogger dot com.

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