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BizTechDay is October 25th at the Hilton in San Francisco. Tim Ferris, of 4 Hour Work Week fame (you may have seen my own praises for his book here), is the keynote, and if he was the only speaker there, the conference would be worth more than the $250ish that it costs. Of course, he’s not the only speaker though, the lineup is fab (below).

The organizers are setting up a genius bar, much like the Apple Stores’ famed guru corner, and I’ve been asked to be the Blog Monetization genius (woot!). If you are thinking of attending, but are still on the fence, let me know as I have a significant discount for 5 people (significant=discount of $150).

Full speaker list is here:

ONE FULL DAY of latest Web 2.0 Business Ideas that you can apply to your business right away. Here are just a few of the experts presenting at BiztechDay 2008:

Tim Ferris – New York Time Best Seller and Author of The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich
George Wright – VP of Marketing, Blendtec (WillitBlend – one of the most successful Business YouTube Campaigns – 700% increase in Revenue)
Megan Casey – Editor in Chief from
Scott Heiferman – Co-Founder of
Alex Craddock – Head of Small Business Marketing of Visa
Stephan M. Spencer – SEO Guru & Founder of
Christine Comaford – Mighty Ventures & Google Angel
Nish Nadaraja – Marketing Director,
Dan McComb – Co-Founder,
Adriana Gascoign – Director of Corporate Communications,
Stu Carty – Regional Development Director, Constant Contact
Jack Mardack – Director of Marketing, Eventbrite
Vincent Lauria – Co-founder of
Jason Billingsley – Co-Founder Elastic Path Software
Scott Sigler – Pro-Podcaster and Author of INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS
Ian Griffin – Pro-Podcaster and President of National Speaker Association
Yaniv Bensadon – Founder of
Nicole Nicolay – Founder of
Christian Perry – Founder of Room Full of People
Ann Evanston – Regional Director of eWomenNetwork
Nancy Tubbs – Founder of FullCalendar
Patrick Schwerdtfeger – Founder of Tactical Execution
Angie Chang – Cofounder of Women 2.0
Robyn Tippins – Community Manager, Yahoo! Developer Network
Chris Pareja – Founder of B2B Power Exchange
Cesar Plata – Founder of
Pam Strayer – Awarding Winning Journalist and Media Creator
Rick Rochon – Founder of
Elsa Chang – Community Manager, Yahoo! Local and Upcoming
Hazel Grace Dircksen – Social Networking Expert

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  1. Looking forward to getting down to bizness with you next week! And you’re absolutely right….I’d pay the $250 just to see Tim…but it will be WAY more fun now that you’re in the house!

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