SEO For Noobs

When I talk SEO, most people new to internet marketing want to know what keywords are and how to use them.  Many still think that appropriate keyword usage is just keyword stuffing at it’s best.  ::sigh::

There is never a reason to ‘fool’ the search engines with keyword stuffing, unless you are a Tool.  And, yes, I mean tool as in a clever way to say jerk, not tool as in a useful thing that get’s stuff done.  But, I digress…

Search engines like keywords.  They literally eat them up.  By understanding keywords and SEO, you are helping both Google, and Yahoo!, to provide relevant results (disclaimer, I work for Yahoo!).  Keywords tell search engines what your site is about.  Using keywords in ‘key’ places is what makes your site appear high up in search engine results pages (SERPs).  If I want to rank well for the term SEO, I’m going to use ‘SEO’ all over my site.  But, it’s not just the main word that’s important.  The words that often appear with ‘SEO’ are key as well.  Words like relevance, SERPs, H1 tags, keywords, etc. tell the search engines that they can trust my usage of SEO, because there are other words that usually appear with this word in natural language groupings.

In my daily wanderings, I found this SEO tutorial for the person who is new to SEO.  I hope it helps.

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  1. Hi there, i just checked out your SEO tips and i am impressed it was very helpful to me and my site TRAVEL HQR, i always tried to use the right keywords to assist in google or yahoo picking me up to much difficulty so appreciate your advice, thanks.

  2. So many article about SEO nowadays. Sometimes it really confusing. But, after checked your SEO tips, it become a little bit clear now. Thanks,

  3. What about SEO for individual posts I do not have much content on one topic to set my meta tags in general But I believe it possible to set meta tag to a post.I have tried it and am waiting for the outcome which if it works which will take a little time.So I do not bug the search engines everytime.The idea is like Squidoo lens

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