Update Your Content Frequently

Of course, this is the cardinal rule of blogs. A blog for your business (brick and mortar or online) or a blog as your business will only be read if there is something new most of the time a user checks it.

I try to update my blog daily with informative ‘articles’ and not just links. I might send 2-3 links to my blog in a day, and put up only one in-depth, thoughtfully written post each day. Also, think about what a user sees when he visits. You want something thoughtful and eye-catching at the top of your blog, with the links somewhere below (I’m not speaking of your permanent links down the side of your page, but content links that you have recently posted in a daily entry).

Now, I am sure you are thinking, “How can I keep up with that?” Well, I will write 2-4 articles at a time (when my kids are asleep or when I am feeling particulary inspired) and post-date them and save them as drafts. In blogger I have to go back and manually publish them, but with other ‘pay’ blogging sites you can set up auto-posting.

I do the same thing with my links. As I am surfing the web, usually early in the am, I will right-click and choose ‘Blog This’ to open a pop-up window that allows me to post the link w/an appropriate title already inserted. Of course, I usually change the title to fit my writing style and click ‘save as draft’ to post later, manually, or ‘submit’ for immediate posting. This extension (Blog This) is available for Firefox users by choosing Extensions from their Tools menu. At the bottom of the Extensions pop-up, click on ‘get more extensions’ and search for Blog This.

Of course, you’re main goal is to get people to your site, daily (if you make money from advertising) or regularly (if you are using your blog to advertise your existing business). My next feature will focus on ways to bring people to your place.


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