Internal Kodak Video

A video that was produced internally to motivate employees has become so popular that it was released for the rest of us.

How To Price Advertising On Your Blog

I got an email from a friend last week who is just starting to monetize his blog, and wanted to know how to come up with a price for an advertising banner. I thought I’d share with you the formula I use to come up with a monthly banner ad price for clients.

First, I had my friend give me some details.

1. What niche?
Some niches are more profitable than others. For instance, a typical click via adsense () on this blog runs over a dollar. However, a typical click on my celeb blog tends to be less than a nickel. Of course, the CTR is much, much higher over there, but that’s another thing altogether.

2. What’s the estimated traffic?
Usually my friend sees 7-10k per day. Therefore, I’m using 8.5k x 30 as our typical monthly traffic (255k).

Using a traditional advertising formula, CPM (cost per thousand) x 255=monthly advertising rate.

How To Determine CPM
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Feeling Very Productive Today

Since I’ve done everything on my MIT (most important tasks) list for today, I wanted to finally take part in Wendy’s Monday Motivation.

On my MIT list today was:

1. 30 Mins on Eliptical (done)
2. Email – 500 (done)
3. Return 2 calls
4. Laundry

On my new To Do list for today is:

1. Complete An Internal File For Y!
2. Write HTML Creative For Email Campaign
3. Write One Chapter Of My Book (completely unrelated topic-History)

If I get all of this done, I’ll jump for joy. If not, I will end up doing it tomorrow, which is a crappy punishment.

SEOmoz Summarizes Content Building To A Tee

The content we put out isn’t just designed for a link – it’s really designed to make our readers into raving fans. Every blog entry I write, each tool we design and every article that’s authored has both a value proposition – primarily that it will make you a better marketer – and an emotional appeal – hopefully, you’ll get a sense of the personality, voice and style behind the words and grow to enjoy the rapport.

If you ask any blogger how they built their audience, it wasn’t by spamming people in blog comments; not by joining and then spamming every social network everywhere (note the tips for social networking in the post); and certainly not by pulling other people’s content. Take a look at the success that SEOmoz has seen from using this strategy.

* Web 2.0 Awards – 72K + 30K = 100K+ links
* Beginner’s Guide to SEO – 6.5K + 5.6K = 12K+ links
* Page Strength – 4K + 3.5K = 7.5K+ links
* Search Ranking Factors – 14K + 9K = 23K+ links
* SEO Blog – 19K + 34K = 53K+ links

Take a look at a winning blog strategy (with proof) at (One Million Links In 33 Months).


Evolution is a part of every process, we see it in all walks of life, technology for instance, it has moved on from dial up to dsl to wireless network connections. The online world has seen the likes of cheap hosting with more quality features. The business world has been acquainted with the internet and elegant business templates. The malicious online hackers have met their match over the years with the new versions of spyware software. Just like that, no matter how much SEO has evolved; there are bigger things to come.

Just Finished 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

Timothy Ferriss, serial entrepreneur and master of many things, from Brazilian Jujitsu to 12 languages (at 30 years old) has written a book that has really challenged my perceived notions of how life should be lived.

For instance, here are a few questions I’ve had to ask myself in the past 4 days in which it took me to read the book.

Sure, we all want to be rich, but do we want money for money’s sake or for what it will bring us (mobility, peace of mind, some material things, power, etc.)?

Am I paying attention to what matters or to what pays?
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Lead Gen on the Radio

Friday I was asked to be part of Talking The Lead on Voice of America, hosted by Cindy Rakowitz, former VP of PR and Marketing at Playboy, now of 5WPR. The focus of the call was LeadPoint. CEO Marc Diana was answered questions knowledgeably and I learned more than I ever thought was possible about the Lead Generation segment and the auction model that LeadPoint uses in their lead marketplace.
Talking the Lead, Friday, May 31

If you’re an affiliate who is interested in Lead Generation, this show will be of interest to you. As well, the last few minutes of the show were spent discussing advertising companies in general and their potential for acquisition. So, this show might be of interest to many of you.

Regardless, it was a blast to do, and a pleasure to be asked to participate.

More On My Google Banning

Looks like it is an actual ban, since when I logged into the Google Webmaster area today I saw this notice:

Google Banned My Site

It would be much easier for site owners if your account would say ‘this is why you were banned’ when it does the check in this area. Instead it just says, ‘you’re banned, deal with it’.

I have no idea what could have caused this, as I don’t even do any SEO on this site… I decided to submit a reinclusion request, but there is no way I am agreeing (by submitting the form) that my site has in the past broken TOS, because I don’t believe that it has…

Banned Sites Must Admit Wrongdoing To Get Back In The Index

This isn’t really a huge deal to me, as the site isn’t really monetized well and most of my readers come from bookmarks, links to me or are RSS subscribers, but I can’t help but be a little pissed that it’s happened. I mean, what if I depended on my site for income, as so many of you do? The only recourse is to admit wrongdoing and ask for reinclusion?  How am I supposed to know what I’ve done?

Yahoo and Comcast Get Cozy

Mark Cuban is writing that the Yahoo/Comcast deal is bigger than we realize, and I think he may be right (disclaimer: I’m now a Yahoo employee).

In short, Yahoo and Comcast can start working together to develop video content and ad platforms that Google can’t touch. Any video that is streamed from can be streamed at bit rates that match the user’s throughput, including commercials. If Comcast can deliver on demand video at full DVD quality to PCs, it can deliver commercials at that quality. All without ever touching the internet.

More importantly, since all the users of video are Comcast customers, the two companies can work together to leverage customer data (within privacy limits) to deliver ads that are not only personalized, but also can evolve to be “over the top” of the set top box and be delivered to the TV in the future using Comcasts future switched digital capabilities and OCAP features.

But what’s interesting to me is how this compares with Google’s recent DishNetwork deal:

What will be interesting to watch is just how Google will take its online advertising platform and work it into the traditional television broadcasting business. The deal makes provisions for advertisers to use Google’s AdWords automated auction interface to bid on Dish Network’s TV ad spots. In what seems like a forgone conclusion with Google involved, advertisers can upload their TV commercials and select the desired time of day and channel — very similar to how Google runs its web-based advertising network on the AdWords platform. Advertisers can then choose regional or national area coverage and can target the ad based on a show’s demographics.

It appears that the big deal is not who’s going to deliver ads to TV, but which one will conquer the market there. And, if Cuban is right, Y! may well end up with a coup for their beloved Panama.

UPDATE: The discussion is now on Techmeme. Rocks

As a mother of 3 girls, I’m a expert on Barbie. While she’s probably not my favorite fashion icon (hoochie), she’s certainly the most popular model/actress living in our house. So, when I got an email to check out (beta) last month, I introduced my oldest two girls to a virtual world that made their head spin. (press release) - Virtual World For Tweens

BarbieGirl MP3 PlayerThe site is designed for Barbie’s target market, 6-12 year olds, so the different features are not ‘SecondLife-cool’ but for this age group it’s a sweet site. Both my 6 year old and my 9 year old set up accounts and spent more than an hour each, designing their looks and their homes. Their next step was to try to buy an animal, but that is only possible with the soon-to-be-released BarbieGirl MP3 player (June 07′) plugged into the computer (picture credit).

They soon found they could ‘friend’ each other and visit each other in their own apartments. Then, they spent time watching Barbie movie trailers and earning 20 Barbie dollars for their trouble.

All-in-all, their time spent on was a hit, and they’ve since asked to go on and chat and play the games almost daily. I’m sure the fun will wear off at some point, but since they’ve both already asked for the MP3 player, we’ll likely end up buying the players when they come out.

Now, on to the grown-up stuff… Is this is a smart strategy for Mattel? Sure today’s girls are more tech-friendly than in the past, but is there a mainstream need for a 512 mg Barbie-shaped player? Are the girls going to have to buy the music from Mattel or is this a player that can be used with Yahoo Music, Napster, iTunes, etc?

I don’t know, but I suppose the $60 price tag is at least affordable, and here it’s coming out just in time to create buzz in time for Christmas… 😉