First Birthday Party

Ruby’s First Birthday

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Ruby turned 1 almost a month ago, but we held her party today. She is such a blessing and we are so lucky that she is even here (had whooping cough at 6 wks old and was in the hospital for weeks). She is truly a joy and this little one adds so much to our hectic life. We HAVE to take time out for little Ruby, and she makes sure of that!

The party was sweet and very refreshing. I didn’t even open my laptop until about 9pm tonight. What a relief!

Oh well, soon I hope we can have Cady’s party (her birthday in Jan was pushed aside for a business conflict and we’ve not yet rescheduled it). She’s a sweetheart too (they all are).

Got to get to bed now, only 1 more day til’ it’s back to the grind…

3 Replies to “First Birthday Party”

  1. sweet ruby. bad parents for having a late birthday party. I’m sure the child is madly confused about her date of origin.

    That also explains why cady wanted me to buy her a present a few weeks ago, when her birthday was in January.

    And, who’s that munchkin in the background trying to steal ruby’s photo op.

  2. Of course, you are a mean man who should have to go write a 40 page paper for penance for making this mom feel bad… Oh wait, you are already doing that? Sucks for you then LOL

    And, to make matters worse, I was in the hospital last year on Cady’s party day having Ruby so it was postponed and then it NEVER happened because of Ruby’s illness. We owe that sweet kid 2 birthday parties!

    That ugly little girl stuck her mug in the pic. I tried to scratch her out of the pic, but it would have messed up Ruby’s little angelic face. How did you ever notice her with Ruby close by?

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